Our story

Coffee on the Hood

It all started 25 years ago

When you enter KAFFERIET, you enter another world where you forget about everyday problems for a while. Here you get surrounded by warmth and the smell of freshly ground coffee. There is a cozy atmosphere which is supported by small humorous objects, quirky signs, warm colours and fabulous drawings. Of course, it is also important with a good and personal service, in the form of a friendly and welcoming barista who remembers its customers and knows whether they want low fat or full fat milk in their latte. At KAFFERIET, you can have your coffee to stay – drink it in the coffee shop of our beautiful handmade cups. You can of course also have your coffee as take away, in our nice to-go mug.

In December, you can be lucky to be the first customer of the day with a full coffee clip card, and you’ll get a small calendar package along the way. Summer offers open doors, ice latte, ice cream and candy. You can enjoy your coffee in the sun outside the cafe or stroll in the nearby parks. Winter or Summer; KAFFERIET is a small wonderland where curiosity, senses and mood are stimulated. KAFFERIET was by the way the first coffee shop in Denmark that offered coffee to-go.

Originality and personality are the cornerstone of KAFFERIET. Customers often ask where the many small exhibits come from, and they all have their own story. The coffee shop is uncompromising with history and personality.

The KAFFERIET logo and name is probably the closest one can get to the perfect name for a cafe or coffee shop. The logo is an interesting story in itself: the idea originates from Hanoi, Vietnam. At the entrance of the Confucius Temple, there is a tombstone with a turtle on. The turtle has a flat, high name plate on the back (the turtle symbolises a long life). If you remove the stone, there is a turtle with a two-part shield reminiscent of a coffee bean. It eventually became the shape of the turtle, as it looks on our logo today.

The slogan of KAFFERIET is Slow Coffee. Slow Coffee refers to the time it takes to double roast our beans and the effort we make for brewing the best cup of coffee for you. And that’s exactly what we do. The secret is our skilled baristas, who understands to foam the milk properly – a compact foam with as few big bubbles as possible to obtain creamy foam mixed with the perfect coffee.

Rud’s Double Roast coffee has been 40 years in development to what it is today. The coffee is made up of five different beans with their own identity and taste. A roast that brings taste of chocolate and dark sugar and is the perfect balance for milk-based drinks, which today make up about 85% of all orders at KAFFERIET.
The coffee does not contain too much acid that goes badly in tension with the milk’s natural acidity. The taste experience becomes full, round and penetrating with an indefinite and sweet aftertaste.

When Rud Christiansen, owner of the COFFEE, started the Royal Cafe in Japan, the primary desire for the Japanese was to get the recipe for how the beans were roasted. To roast the beans twice is a very difficult process that requires both time and know-how.